Dog Walking, Cat Care, House Sitting...

Your dog needs his daily walk and owners are spending more time working than ever before. I have kept my pricing very low because I want your pet to get what he needs and deserves. You can read about our services here or book online with the button below.
The pricing below incudes everything your dog would need except injections. This means there's no fee for things like treats, walks while house sitting, transport to the vet if your pet were to become injured, or for me to keep your key. Also, tax is already included in the price.

Daily Dog Walks

If you need me to stop by to give your pet exercise, a nice potty break during the long day and bunches of love, this is the option for you.
You aren't paying by the minute. I'm driven by what's best for your pet. I can take him for a long or a short outing, depending on his needs. I'll try to get a puppy tired (by running & playing hard) and make sure he goes potty. An older dog only may want a short potty walk. I tailor it for your animal.
This service runs $23 per visit with a discount for using my service 5 days per week.  If you have 2 dogs, add $5 per visit and I'll walk them together.

3 Visits per Day

If you are leaving town and need someone to care for your pets, give food, exercise, love, water plants, bring in mail, etc, this is the option for you.
As with all of my services, I do what's best for the animal. Therefore, I'll come over as needed which is usually 3 times per day.  I'll exercise the dog, give medications, food, water...
I'll also take care of the house which means I'll bring in the mail and packages, put out and bring in trash cans, change lights and shades...
This service usually means early morning and late night visits so I charge a little extra for these inconvenient times.
This service runs $94 per day.

Kitty Visits

If you're traveling and leaving your cats home, this is what you're looking for.
I feed them, clean the litter box, give medicine, play with them and give them love and attention. I also bring in mail, take out trash, etc. I usually visit once daily but I have a few clients who prefer twice daily visits. The second visit is usually just for feeding or medicine.
Pricing is $23 per visit.

House Sitter & Pet Sitter

If you're leaving town and need In-Home care, I'm happy to stay at your home. This is almost always the best option for dogs and for the home. Most house sitters have a regular day job or are in college during the days, basically just sleeping at your place. I'm not like that. This is my full time job, your animals won't be lonely and your home will be well cared for.
This service is only $104 per day and availability is limited.

Boarding Your Dog in My Home

The Issaquah Highlands Community Association has banned Highlands residents from Boarding. The reason cited was 'The business activity is inconsistent with the character of the neighborhood.'  Therefore, no boarding here until I'm told otherwise.