About the Highlands Pet Nanny

Who I Am

My son and I live in the Highlands. He attends Grand Ridge. We both love animals.

I always thought I'd be a veterinarian. Then I realized that if an owner came in with a neglected or abused pet, I would be livid and lose my composure. This scenario wouldn't help the animals so I gave up that idea and built a business creating web sites.

About 6 years ago my neighbor asked me to care for her dogs while she was away. She was thrilled with the great vacation her dogs enjoyed! She told her friends and soon they called on me. And they told friends who called. And they told friends, and so on...

Now I've become the very happy Highlands Pet Nanny and closed my business in web design.

It's all coming together now...

What I Do

Above all, I offer love & care for your pets!

I offer dog-walking, dog-sitting, house-sitting and boarding services in the Issaquah Highlands.

I give insulin injections to a diabetic cat twice daily, I trained a pitbull to stop chewing her owner's shoes, in my years I've learned to accurately diagnose strokes, anxiety attacks, several types of seizures, etc. This is a crazy job but I do it extraordinarily well :)

I can water your plants, bring in your mail, handle your garbage cans, etc.

If you're leaving town, working long hours or just very busy, I would love to care for your pets!
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Latest News

May 2012: Welcoming the New Van

We now have a Ford Econoline 3/4 ton van with windows that open on both sides. It's adorable, white with paw prints all over it :) My furry friends seem to love it!

Dec 2011: Dog-Gone Limousine!

The Dog-Gone Limo is on the road and better than ever. We survived the snow & ice with only one damaged light, and I have extra Limo parts :)

June 2011: Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has approached us for accreditation! We are now officially a BBB Accredited Company with a rating of A-. They say the factor that lowered me from an A+ was 'Length of time the business has been operating.' I'm feeling pretty good right now :)